Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Danu ~ Irish Mother Goddess

Origins: Irish
Language: Celt
Translation: unknown
Feast Days: unknown
Goddess of: Goddess of all Celtic
Goddess Type: Triple Goddess
Also Known As: Anu, Dana, Don, Dom
Symbols/Offerings: unknown


She is the matron and protector, goddess and warrior. She is neither old nor young, but she is all. She is the goddess Danu, the goddess of all Celtic deities.

There is very little known about the goddess Danu. The sources that we derive most of our information about her are old and unclear. However, there are consecutive myths spoken about her.
The goddess Danu was represented as the Mother of the Gods.

She was also the goddess of rivers and water. She was the matron and goddess of the Tribes of Danu, who were later to become the fairies and leprechauns of Ireland. It is believed that she gave them a great deal of her powers, hence the fairy magic that we hear of in myth. Danu can also be depicted as the Triple Goddess, because she is young and old, she encompasses all.

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