Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Astarte ~ Goddess of Fertility, Sexuality, & War

Origin: Greek
Language: Greek
Translation: Meaning unknown
Feast Days: Months of April & November
Goddess of: Fertility, sexuality, & war
Goddess Type: Undetermined
Also Known As: Astarat, Astoreth, Ashtoret, Ishtar, Aphrodite
Symbols/Offerings: Bull, dove, honey, beer, wine, incense, egg, pomegranite, rose


Astarte was worshipped by the Syrians, Canaanites (Palestinians), Phoenicians, Egyptians, and other Semitic Tribes. King Solomon built a temple to her as Astoreth, near Jerusalem.

She was worshipped as many things, to the Egyptians, She was honored as a Goddess of War and tenacity, to the Semites, She was a Goddess of Love and Fertility. To the Greeks she was transposed into the Goddess Aphrodite. The bible refers to her as "the abomination". Yet, considering Her widespread devotion in Biblical times, the attempts to discredit the Goddess are typical.

She is sometimes dipicted wearing the head of a bull or with horns.

Please refer to Aphrodite to learn more...

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